Specialists in Auditing Accounts Receivables

Do you want to have your balance sheet assessed or improve the management of your working capital? Kansa Consulting will analyse and and optimise your working capital requirements.

Kansa Consulting, a subsidiary of D&A Group, is a consulting company specialising in accounts receivable and financial guarantee audits (renewal of regulated guarantees - temporary work agencies).

Our customers, mainly major factoring clients, mandate us to audit their client or prospect companies for the establishment or renewal of factoring contracts. Kansa Consulting also provides analyses for any type of organisation wishing to improve their bottom line.

Present in France and the United Kingdom, the group is involved in international projects to finance and secure working capital.


Our Services

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Ananysis of the economic and financial situation of the company



Analysis of turnover and aged debt/DSO



Evaluation des risques et critères de financement

Analysis of working practices

Analysis of working practices

Review of the “order to cash” invoicing process.


The Kansa Consulting team offers the benefit of their combined experience covering financial technicalities and knowledge of invoicing and collection procedures.


Preparation of the assignment, initial contact with the company, and reposting on mission progress and objectives.


Assignment of consultants in France and Europe. The assignment can also be handled remotely based on the needs and constraints of the company.

Financial Analysis

Carrying out an analysis of the various balance sheet items as well as an examination of the transactional billing cycle (order to cash) in order to assess potential areas for improvement in credit management.

Report preparation

Kansa Consulting produces a factual report outlining the analytical and procedural variables of the WCR situation, and the possibilities for financing solutions.

Management Team

We advise you on the best way to optimise your working capital

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